WHAT BEING A DESIGNER MEANS TO ME – besides an absolute devotion to designing books, identities, flyers, logos, websites, packaging, exhibitions … – it means exploring complex issues, analyzing and understanding them in their entirety, in order to transfer observations and conclusions into designed solutions, collaborating with specialists in other fields when necessary.


I enjoy discovering new things every day, I am open to surprises and to continually learning, then applying that knowledge to the creation of appropriate solutions for my clients.


After graduating with two different degrees in Switzerland, I count on more than 17 years of experience working both at home and abroad. My continual curiosity for anything unusual, unexplored and as of yet unquestioned allows me to observe, follow and finally, formulate conclusions. This curiosity drives me to experience other cultures by living in different countries. Learning from foreign cultures and languages gives me insight into different realities and cultural contexts, helping to broaden my horizons.