See also Zoitopia (Publication for 2009 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark) 


For the 4th Architecture Biennale in Rotterdam, Holland (September 2009 to January 2010) we researched, calculated and implemented all the details in the award-winning book “Neotopia”.We asked ourselves: What would the world look like if everyone had equal access to resources such as space, food, and goods?


From birth, all human beings are entitled to a piece of land. However, they do not own it they are merely entitled to live on it with the consent of all others. All territories are equipped with the exact amount of raw materials needed and each individual has the right to use one 7billionth of the world’s production of goods.

Each territory has a surface area of 279.31 m x 279.31 m of which 70.9% is ocean and 29.1% is land. Project statements:* We all have a life span of 68 years. * 47 days of the year we suffer from hunger. * Once a year we go to the cinema. * We live in a megacity for 3 years. * The roads in our territory extend for a maximum of 10.54 meters. * … (in collaboration with «Design Manuela Pfrunder LLC», Zurich, Switzerland)


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