“OÙ EST L’EXPO 02?”. (WHERE IS THE SWISS NATIONAL EXHIBITION OF 2002?) Years ago the expo ‘02 opened its doors. 10 million visitors took advantage of this exclusive opportunity, to see the long-awaited, often very controversial national exhibition, to finally be seduced by beautifully created, artificial worlds. During the whole summer of 2002, the four cities of the 3 lakes region were a trending topic and had an assured place in the media. But what about today? How do these giant areas in Biel, Neuchâtel, Murten and Yverdon-les-Bains look today? What is left of the project that cost 1.6 billion Swiss Francs?

With these questions in mind, I revisited the scenes that I had last seen during the exhibition. What I found was very disappointing. (project on my own initiative, December 2006)


research / project description / photography